Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terrilyn's 6 Birthday

For Terrilyn's Birthday we also took her out on a date.  I had never been to the Rainforest Cafe before so we took her there.  The ambiance is fabulous and fun, the food was good but talk about PRICEY...definitely wont take everyone there all at once.  She loved how the storm would thunder and lightening in the whole restaurant and the stars on the ceiling were a big hit.  All throughout dinner she kept discovering the animals hidden throughout the forest.  Then we took her shopping at the HUGE Ross that is down on the strip.  She picked out a new shirt and dress.  Then we went to the M&M store and watched the 3-D movie they have. She LOVED being spoiled.  She requested a Barbie cake for her birthday so this is my first attempt at one.  I hate frosting cakes in the desert it always melts on me, I even turned the a/c way down and had refrigerated the frosting before hand.  But she turned out pretty good and Terrilyn was happy.
Her expensive slushy cup.
Waiting for the movie to start.

Just as I finished the cake and got up to put away the supplies I turned around to Seamus putting the spatula in her dress and then licking it.

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First Day of School 8/29/2011

A friend of mine had done signs for the first day of school for her kids and I was in LOVE with the idea. She had cute hand written decorated ones. My handwriting is not so nice so I opted to do it on the PC. I needed to use bigger font though for they are hard to read, sorry.  I cant believe how big my kids are getting I almost have all of them in school now.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cameron's 8 Birthday

Cameron has been wanting to do Tournament of Kings for his Birthday since we moved to Vegas. This year he was granted his wish. He was taken on a Daddy/Mommy date. We all LOVED it and had a great time. They wouldn't let you take pictures while the show was on so I wasn't able to take a picture of the HUGE plate of food they bring out to you. You even get your own whole rotisserie chicken. The food was alright the show was very entertaining we were seated in Austria and that was the night we rooted for for the night. Cameron had a great time. The next night we did cake with the other kids and sang Happy Birthday to him.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lisbon July 23-25

Historic Tram 28(these were built in the USA) We rode this through the  Historic Streets of Lisbon.

The first of MANY pictures taken of the architecture.  

Historic Tram 28

Narrow road that the Tram goes on.

The plant life growing out of the wall was very intriging.

Close up of that plant life.

The cobblestone roads that are everywhere

How do you not take pictures of this ;)

Here is the Urinol

Entrance into Castelo de S Jorge

This Bridge was molded after the Golden Gate Bridge.

The same monument that Brazil is known for.

Walking around the Castelo de S Jorge

Walking around the Castelo de S Jorge

Fountain inside Castelo de S Jorge

Tower of Castelo de S Jorge

Another tower of Castelo de S Jorge

baby peacock on the grounds at Castelo de S Jorge

Mommy peacock and babies

outer wall of  Castelo de S Jorge

the bridge into the Castelo de S Jorge...the moat is all dried up

I loved the tile on the other building and this was framed right

well in Castelo de S Jorg

not sure exactly but this was either an oven or food storage in Castelo de S Jorge

this tree was cool

lots of stairs around the Castelo de S Jorge

perfect spot to shoot a candid portrait and Jeremy is pulling me down

not sure what the gutter looking thing was for but this photo has a lot of dimension to it

another try at a photo in Castelo de S Jorge

the view form the Castelo de S Jorge

another stairwell in the castle that Jeremy had to duck through

more cool looking walls of the Castelo de S Jorge